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Sunday, June 18, 2017

An Inspirational speech by Sam Pitroda


               'The Who' scientist who discovered until more than fifty years ... that I did not do anything. I'm just an engineer. Early on in our house who was a fairly equal division of religion Ba saves and saves Karma sentence. Religion helps people define as "I am a Hindu, I am Muslim, I am a Sikh, etc ... Religion and Science continues to travel in search of the truth. Religion and science from the outside to the inside search for the truth. Science says that's what this architectural? What is going on? How come? Why you? Science is the eternal search. Mysteries of the universe. Humans also becomes useful. Science which is being used at all by pushing a burst search! What is the religion of truth so that you are more likely to live within you. To multiply it's a Complicated. It makes religious boundaries. Science does not create a boundary. When the religion of the line is my religion and the religion. All we came to Africa.
My ancestors, etc. of your lives. It was a blonde, then there's no black, after a long, getting no shorter ... but the original one. Also get a definition such as religion, the division also received. Science Open Mind, Open Heart should be tight discipline. Discipline Discipline is everything you need without much science can not answer that question. Often feel five years searching for someone to answer anyone seems to fifty years. Many did not answer questions five thousand years. Search continues. Analysis should be patient with discipline. If too much ... like .. graphasa, charts and numbers ... what is this pattern of thinking that everything you see? Increases, decreases, down or up? Ability of the Analysis is Important for Science and the Search for Truth. Discipline and Analysis are then krietiviti. Science is the opinion of many people. Someone said that if someone has said. So if you do not have to respect the opinion of other experts disagreement, you will not get the truth. If to be honest science. If you are not ethical if not today then tomorrow, will be someone to catch you. Global Mind if you should be special. Problem you're looking for, is not this place. You should apply the same everywhere fall bring a solution. Multiple affairs are interested in the science can proceed further. You say that I am a scientist does not even work for nothing so empty. Teamwork should be. Manovijnaanani should have an understanding of economics. Humanity should be activated. Disclaimer like Gandhi should be the spirit of sacrifice. At the expense of one's own beliefs should have the courage to stick to the pure truth. Love to all who rely on quality. As the answer to all the questions you need to enter. India also provided an incredible science. Zero if not detected would not have progressed Sciences. Mathematics, astronomy, physics everyone is native to India. The old scriptures and read history and geometry kadhelum if you find people that are taking care of everything. Right now everything looks simple but the thought of all that. Identification should be exposed to the world of science has unfortunately not found. We have the world's oldest universities. Nalanda and Taxila to study people in the world. But then we've lost science. We could not extend beyond the stream. The Islamic invasion. Was demolished some of our books spaces. The British brought new knowledge. I was getting behind in our knowledge and in new knowledge. This new science is causing us many advantages. The glasses are new to science. This is Mike's New Science. Coming in a helicopter is a new science. Everything is new to science. Telephone is new science. Fifty or a hundred years, which has found a new science. It is unique in the history of humanity! And three major powers of the new science. The first Gravity. Newton said. Apple has swooped down and get out. Newton opened the truths which had been locked up. Reality of gravity, mechanics, etc. It has everything going quickly. The second came after Tesla. The electromagnetic force. Electricity has started. Done wireless starters. Beginning in the telecom seems to be in a whole different world! The third Nuclear Force. Einstein will be like a man that has none of the laboratory, not equipment. Paper and pencil decided that E is equal to MC Square. Put up a whole new world of thunder cracker! The idea is a very powerful thing. True or false, Einstein said that people are still trying to prove eksaperimentathi? The three spirit world to build a new science. New technology has created. It's everywhere, everyone has been very beneficial. Technology-Science takes birth just like us, after all it does Nurture, then maturity is used, then the society. Murray technology. Science is immortal. Sciences are flourishing and are accessional. As the decade of forty ... invented the transistor in which the current is passed from one side and not the other side. Only a small detects change the world. The Second Science existent around the simple things. Computer Communication ... .. as it has arisen or had connections with him and raises new products as they are developed new services like mergers and so were the products. Services became the new job is generated, the new Business,. Causing the whole ecosystem. Mean that science has little to change the lives of millions of millions of people who do have the truth, we do not understand this. A small truth ... which changes throughout the history of mankind! Western started with the three Forces and now dominate the world dominated Western science is everywhere. Our science is no longer nothing. The growing ecosystem of science ... so that we do not have the tools. Investment can not. But the science is good, it is global. Science is not mine, yours is nothing. Well, that's all, for all. Because science is a great thing to consider is the impact of life-style. Take the example noted here prosesiganum image. Before Painter could come and paint. Then came photography. The idea of ​​photography that were 118 years old, making them keemero! The Black-and-vhaitamanthi a color print. The Polaroid camera came ie intastanta photography. Now digital keeemera, Three-Dimensional Figures. Do not you have to post a photo if you do not put enavelapamam, need to be developed or not. Today seems to be Reach Local Events International and local photo palakavaramam any side of the world! Everything is instant. Now the image, it can also be compromised by a fake. Would that all the world should copy the United States. America is spending. Blooms and blooms. How big is the house that all the prompts and how big the car? Then tie the Judgment of smartanesamam where you are! This is not an appropriate model for India. We have to develop our own models using modern science. The values ​​for a must. Remember Gandhi again. Sekriphaisa, Sense, simpalisiti. Feeling for another with self-esteem. The ego is all batakano India. Everyone knows he is ready to be hurt. The country is very displeasing everybody! So team members. Because the team is forced to keep one another in showing honor. You're the boss know that you are not a fair thing all day every object. Someone needs to tell the boss that you are wrong today. A. India has become a problem. Bose began to go bad. Bose vaiphaneya will be spoiled! We have become big news there is a dispute. If it does not work any attention. Knowledge Commission gave five years, we focus on Education, Science, Innovation, laibrerijha, Languages, Applications. Like the joke about the work we thought that we should raise the Knowledge Network. Our university, college, laboratory are all connected with each other. The network is currently running and has drawn 15,000 crore. But how to use it or not understanding what someone! Now we talk about school when the teacher is automatically in the brain, duster, blackboard, chalk, teksabuka, examination, certificate - has become all screws. Now the boys do not learn that way. It takes people to and fro on the computer to see and learn. Give us saying that the focus-focus and learn. Most boys are listening to music. SMS That is the lesson and conversing also have crab. It does everything and does exactly! Parents think that this is wrong. Parents the world is different. So I say to every child the discipline that you take from me. No one is listening to parents and teacher sambhalavanu else. Both because the poor do not know anything! Your world will be very different. Because people are the people of the world, it gives you discipline. The world seems to be not so! The computer, mobile was nothing. They did not know anything. Today, if a teacher does not really think about the form content to be the teacher's study. It is considered to be the architect of Mentor, Mentor. After he was saying to those of us who were the ancient master of all you are doing. I'm sitting here if needed. A quiet, to be safe, healthy. The teachers teach what they would have quarreled at home, boys? Mean that the technology has changed the role. And this is not all people understand. Teacher, business will change everything. The modern university such as Cambridge or Harvard. Simply, the boys sat around in the open, there are no plays, no pitum have coffee and sat guru or know everyone. If nothing is going to bother having her otherwise. Knowledge is everywhere. Learn the surrounding environment. However, you have not changed anything Knowledge Network If you change the brain! India is the biggest problem that we are living in talabandha brain knows that just so happens to be, not the other way! Government is not willing to change. What is needed in so many forms if you can take admission in school? Every day, millions of people take the waste form, I do not know who reads all form? But we do this because I have to fill out a form that has been fitted to keep doing just that in mind, we went embroiled in trouble if something else! But how to explain this to people? The world has been changed to new and rewarding if you will not be difficult - if not you, but your children will be. New India if they are able to make use of this technology. This is to the benefit of science. People are thinking that life should be a pattern. Should people like me who say that life is not very religious, but also create the first simple, Living Joy of Giving to others. Needs at least good. Collecting material science. Also gives the idea of ​​true religion, introspective. The need to combine both. What is the future going to be? Today everything is going to happen tomorrow. They will not understand that the world is changing in the coming decades. A scientist friend. It asks that brings such a glow-warm which is where all the energy is up from within that same night? If it means the brake can be injected code tree. When night begins to shine tree necarali. Electricity Concept that will change. See, what's Simple Idea! If all refinery are below ground and above the ground to the same brother! Do something to extract and refine oil to be positioned above the oil than to refine. A friend Dr. Chakraborty. The statement says that if you take too long to say that 'the kensaravala kill the cells are all cell research, burned ... But I think that, some bacteria such thing, which is of interest to sustain our existence. In our first bacteria on earth. Bacteria in our interest than our parents that we live in! Millions have started their own home for bacteria in the body, and fun! If we take away the cancer problem bacteria which help us! ' Science now Biotech, Nanotech such a-such a thing is absolutely vertical, which will change the world. Food, Transportation, Electricity will change. The average child is going to find such a guarantee would live 125 years. I give you my example. I had the first heart attack in 1990. Then the bypass. Put four stentsa. Then in 2000, the year I was cancer. Again on the bypass in 2005. I'm all cut from top to bottom! This is the power of science. Science should be varkasentrika man. Some men must be followed religiously and some men karmavala. Religion did not remove all of the questions. But karma is not only a way of overcoming all the questions. The track is equal to the balance. The common thing is the track 'truth'. A new world for all. ''

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