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Monday, June 19, 2017

Savjibhai Dholakiya : The Diamond King of Surat at Vibrant 2015

 Friends I have been invited to the Vibrant Gujarat 2015 owing to my success story.My time allotment is 7 minutes & I shall not exceed to the 8th minuteVibrant Gujarat is a medium through which the government provides essential support to entrepreneursIlliteracy is the primary reason for my success as it pushes me to learn every day.My team and I have grabbed every opportunity to learn. We apply all that we learn from events, programs and daily life.At Hari Krishna Exports Pvt Ltd we motivate employees to become good human beings and that results in good work as a byproduct.At our factory we build confidence amongst employees & reinstall the attitude of "nothing is impossible, I can do it".Many foreign delegates are in India at this summit because human resources are relatively cheaper but at our factory we pay employees higher salaries and get higher returns as a byproduct.We are the highest TDS and TAX payers.At HK we love our employees and teach them the art of living. We give them values and respect. Although our skilled Labour maybe illiterate but we have bestowed them with degree equivalent respect of diamond artists and diamond engineers.Our family business is managed by a team of four brothers, three partners and eight kids. We live up to our commitments and fulfill them unwaveringly.We had by mistake committed to planting 10 lakh trees. However I am proud to announce that in 2015 we successfully completed planting 11 lakh saplings.A good citizens and responsible employers we take care of employees’ mediclaim, health insurance, life insurance and children's education.My parents wanted three things of me; to be a big man, be a good man and a rich man. However it's not as important to be big as it is to be good.I am proud of "made in India" movement. At our company we have 9000 employees of which 2200 employees at my office site earn an average salary of 1 lakh a month. Our employees are our real assets and they give back returns; it's the law of nature.At our company we also employ people with disabilities and it's my goalto train 100 people with disabilities and employ them just as I already employ deaf & dumb and physically challenged people.Today I have fulfilled my dream and that of my grandmothers by addressing an audience of over one lakh.I hope to take my company to even greater heights in the next ten years and make it one of the top Indian companies.Last but not least I am grateful to Narendrabhai Modi and Anandiben for inviting me to this summit. I hope Narendrabhai Modi will invite me again the day he conducts The Vibrant Delhi Summit.May the Lord fulfill everyone's aspirations. Thank you all!

Watch the Speech here : http://youtu.be/-BZ93qRwL80

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