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Saturday, June 17, 2017

"Varshil" to " Suvirya Ratna Vijayji Maharaj" : A spiritual journey of a state board topper

If with an exceptionally good score, your next goal would most likely be cracking a competitive and making it to one of the best colleges for a higher course. Indeed, you would be looking forward to a promising ahead.

you have passed your higher secondary But 17-year-old Varshil Shah, who topped the commerce stream class XII of the by scoring 99.9 percentile, had different plans. He surprised many by his decision to renounce everything normal by conventional standards and become a  But this rather odd choice for a 21st century teenager did not shock Varshil’s parents.

   Raised by devout parents, Shah always led an austere lifestyle, which could appear to be an effect of religious devotion and  His mother Amiben Shah and father Jigarbhai, an income-tax official, are happy with their son’s decision. They said in a statement that the family was always spiritually inclined.
On Thursday morning, his diksha took place on the banks of Tapi at 4.30 am, with nearly 10,000 people in attendance, after which he embraced monkhood. Varshil completed pre-dawn ritual as a disciple with shaved head and white robes after receiving the blessings of his family and  And, from now he will be known by his new name, Muni Suvirya Ratna Vijayji.


    what he said after his decision to take sanyaas:

"I always wanted to live a good life in peace and happiness but that happiness should have come without me harassing anyone. No one should get hurt by me and I should get endless happiness. I witnessed in Uttarayan how people enjoyed when they got to cut the kites of others. I saw in Diwali people derived happiness at the cost of sleep of birds and animals."

"I noticed money has become paramount for many in the society. Such people believe that 'win they must all time and defeat others.' They prosper and 'live by killing others.' This trend in society has been worrying me. How is this happiness when you cause pain to others? Can't we get real happiness without paining others?"

Vrajesh Parikh, the principal of Navkar Public where Varshil went, said: "I remember him as someone who never complained about anything. He did not even come to to collect his mark sheet. Nor did he collect the Navkar Jyot Award which we have initiated this year for toppers.”

The Shah household avoids using and keeps it to a bare minimum, as they believe aquatic animals are killed in the process of power generation, something that is against the vow of ahimsa, or non-violence, reported Hindustan Times.

His friends remember Varshil as an all-rounder who is a great chess and cricket player, besides being an extraordinary singer and artist. 

   Varshil is history as Suvirya Ratna Vijayji Maharaj  begins his spiritual journey.

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