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Friday, June 16, 2017

Traveling : A report of a wonderful Journey

- On Feb 28 , 9.45 pm , journey has started in Luxury bus name Gajanand GJ 2 W 806....- via Unjha-Valam-visnagar, went to Balva chokli , took a cup of tea, after that slept- 1 march:  awake in the morning & found my self in Surat , took tea & Ganthiya in morning breakfast at ram mandir ,Surat besides at a road- Then moving forward towards Saputara....- after crossing very deepest jungle of district Dang & also facing too sloppy roads finally reached to Saputara ...on 1 pm. ...but between this period ..our tour bus got the high heating problem so we delayed to reached Saputara...
- at 2 pm, we took tasty lunch...& then enjoying different points at Saputara...like sunrise point , eco point , horse riding point etc.....at eco point , I forgot my bag ...but luckily I found it back...- After that at 4 pm , we left Saputara & also the Gujarat boarder- Enterd  into Maharashtra- reached Nasik at 7 pm, took Dinner- full night in Nasik- 2 March : visited Godawari Ghat, Panchvati after that took lunch

- move on to Shirdi...went Shirdi at 3.30 PM.....Did Darshan of Sai Baba at 4.45 pm, very holy place, made by Gold...at 7 pm took dinner near to Shirdi...and move on to Grishneswar Mahadev ....reached on 11  pm....took rest till morning...
- 3 March : went to Grishneswar Mahadev for Darshan( Noding)...one of 12 Jyotirling... After it ...went to Elora caves ..visit all the incredible caves...between 10 to 11.30  am & then took  Lunch ...after it moving in the direction of Shani Dev...- We reached Shani dev on 3 pm ....after it we move on and went to Pandharpur via Ahmedanagar....- Reached on 12.40 pm...in the Morning of 4 March ....we visited the Vitthalla Temple...the awesome one .....after it we went to satara & solved out the luxury radiator problem.....- Reached Mahabaleshwar on 7.30 pm...took dinner on 8.30 pm and visited the Market....- on 5 march ...morning visited the hill points near to 17....such a wonderful side scenes... Just awesome.....- took lunch at 12 pm....took rest and time passing in Market....- around 2 -3 pm ....we moved on to The main place of tour...The Goa..a very long distance traveled... & finally we reached Goa on 9 am...6 March.
- on 6 March , took break fast & after it took lunch at 11 am & then went to visit Dolphins point , jail , and palace...by Boat...then visited The Kalingud Beach ...fun in ocean ..jalsa...after it went to st. Xeviar Churche...oldest in Goa..then went to Panji...capital of goa ...visited Market ...and in night took dinner on 9 pm and took rest ...in the next morning left Goa on 9 pm and moved on to Mumbai....- 7 march : reached Mumbai at 6 am...took lunch early at 10 am and went for Mumbai Darshan by travel bus with guide...- visited all famous places , Celebrities houses, Juhu beach and Marine drive also....simply just beautiful....went for shopping also...returned at 10 pm ...took dinner and went to sleep...- on the very next morning , 8 March: we set in the luxury for coming back to our sweet home with Mumbai's famous Halwa.....- Finally  , we came back home at 5 am on 10 march.....- The journey to Maharashtra & Goa was simply just amazing, complicated, adventurous and Memorable for lifetime.....

-By ALAP PATEL  ( https://www.facebook.com/ialap2023/ ) 

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