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Thursday, June 15, 2017

" DIGITAL INDIA " : A Stepping Stone for New India and initial problems

                   Internet speed in India as a "speed-breaker" for "digital India" and "smart city" is 114 in the world at a speed of 2.8 Mbps in India, a friend on the 'What's App' at 45 hours in the RTI office stands in the sun 200- 300 pictures of distraught citizens were sent. In the message, we continue to roast in this way for the third consecutive day.
The reason? For the third consecutive day, the 'server' is down. A brother came to Ahmedabad to register the document, as a brother sold his property in Ahmedabad specially from Mumbai.
The lawyer said that there is a work of fifteen minutes. He had to return to Mumbai on Sunday night and he had to return to Mumbai on Sunday night. After meeting his brother in Vadodara, he arrived at the office in Vadodara and found that the server was down. The employee on duty said, 'What we are a prophet is that we can say that when the server starts.' Waiting for three or four hours without any hesitation, the employee said, without any hesitation, now that the registration will start, the time of registration will be complete now. This office was also from outside Gujarat and outside Gujarat and some were NRIs. Locked from a city like Mumbai, they canceled their tickets. Those who came from a nearby village, returned to their home by villa, and on the next day they all met at the same office. The counter was written with a large letter on the counter, 'The work is off for server closure.' All the guests came to the restaurant to come to the restaurant and returned to the market and the next day the server was not started. The next day all returned. After re-canceling their tickets on the outskirts, the saga-snehi had to prolong the embarrassment there. It is also damaged by leaving the office or business in the house. It is good that after the next two days of the holidays, the service of the server will start on the third day, believing that the completion of all work is done only after the results of the board or entrance exams. We go to the bank or at LIC's office, P.F. Most employees enjoy long chances to get down the server even at the office. The system has no regard for a customer's physical and mental pain. If you try to book a ticket on the online booking website of Indian Railways, you can fill in all the details like name, address, email id, where travel, train number, or train number, or bus, at the nearest destination for payment by the same card. But you need to have a one-time password in your mobile for this. If you click on it, the one-time password will not be available. You can check your e-mail account and you can not find anything in it. At the end you will have to go to the railway station for booking only. As you go to the railway station, assuming you give a bank's debit or credit card, the employee at the board counter will point out that 'this card will not work.' If you give a second bank card, you will be offered the booking clerk as well, say, 'Take a ticket from a well-paying card, if the ticket is booked, then Rs. 20 and service tax extras. Instead, take money from an ATM counter and also, if we are moving in the heart of a smart money or plastic money, then instead of the rupees, the cards are stacked in purses. As soon as going to the nearest ATM counter, the security garde of air conditioning in its air conditioner said, 'Uncle ATM is off.' We have been resented by the security guard of the age of 20 years of age. Asked about the second ATM, he said, "I'm going to give you a hug or a wheelchair." Once again, the same bank has reached the second ATM with a U-turn. If there was a customer inside, he was already tired of trying. He insisted from inside that 'ATM is closed, server is down' as soon as we are a technocrat, we put the card in his presence, but the word "forgiveness for discomfort" on the screen came in English. ATM Boothma's brother said, 'When the payment is made to Matoshri in the hospital, all the ATMs of three kilometers have come back once all is closed.' We both had today challenged rivals in any game or reality show to take money from ATMs on any given day. If there was an interruption of traffic in one or two attempts at an ATM after the failed attempt, Panipuri's raised bhaiyya, standing outside the ATM, showed the key to the treasure, saying, 'I have a ATM hai walta hai in the petrol pump.' Petrol was seen in front of the pump, but if you were to drive there, it would have to be rounded for half a kilometer. It was written as 'Proceeding Transaction' of any other private bank ATM and 15 seconds during the closing note was also increased heart rate. If something goes down in the 'server down' then the unimaginable idea of ​​mind is turned in the mind. After fifteen minutes of money came in hand, thought, 'What was the rupee lifted for? Yes, for the railway ticket. The train was reserved for another day. One of our friends told to show PF's last entry for a visa, his agent had told him to put the UN (Universal Account Number) on the EPF website as soon as the passbook will be downloaded. Whoever has never taken the passbook in such a way, will tell you that, 'Hey boss, now your work in the online will fall within ten minutes.'
                              Assume that you have to take all such proofs for the visa and if you are going to travel in the train or in the air the next day of a visa interview, try to remove the final entry one or two days before. But with the online step to download a PF pass book, if you are running Net from some 'browsers' then the server is in loaded traffic as it is. You can accept your application from other browsers but the message comes with that, if you have traffic - waiting, your account passbook will be downloaded after four days. ' However, it is an experience that does not load the passbook even for weeks. If you have a visa call after two days, you will be the only option for Visa for last year's March ending slip. There is often a 'server down' in the by-the-visa visa office. There are no speeds even if you have '3G' on mobile. If some service provider or message one-time password expires on some service providers, the service provider of another company will not be able to respond. Companies do not provide enough returns on the amount of 2-GK-3s. Here the server-down event, presented in a mild style, is not less than the national problem. The personal and national time travels are all the ways that a customer is exposed to. The expenses that employees spend without working hours are different. If India wishes to realize the dream of Smart Digital India, then all other projects will have to overcome the obstacles for our Internet speed and maximum load-carrying server. The phone for different public service, emergency or help should be taken immediately. Call Centers are not only responsible for the Inquiry, Assistan's responsibility, but those who are not exposed to Senior Citizen or Communication Technology or they are not advised to dial the service of the call center service, option, language service simultaneously. For the last few years, the old traditional method should also keep the phone's features in it. Elders can do something for technological innovation in the bank or railways, airlines, ATMs. South Asia is at the forefront of the world with 95.3 mega bytes of second internet speed. Denmark is at the 10th position with a speed of 36.1, Britain's 26.8, USA 25 and China, which does not give much encouragement to the Internet, is at 91, even though their speed is 9.16. The average Internet speed of all countries of the world is 5.6 Mbps, against which India's speed is 2.8 in the world and at the bottom in Asia. India is ranked 114th in the world. We will only reach the era of 'Digital India' if there is at least 15 to 25 Mbps spills. What does the Prime Minister Tekensewy do for this? The citizen's server will not be able to bring down the pain and suffering of the 'Man Ki Baat'

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